Founded on 5th July 2007 by Dr. Sanjay Patidar and Mr. Hemraj Kose, Growtech Agri Science and Research Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, organic fertilizers, botanical pesticides, plant growth promoter, Plant growth regulator, micronutrients and other plant nutrients. The company has an expert team onboard, highly experienced in the field of bio fertilizer-manufacturing
Growtech currently has a pan-India dealer distributor presence with highest penetration in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and West Bengal. The company holds ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1401:2015, ISO 18001 and CRISIL ratings, making it very reliable when it comes to quality and efficiency. Products supplied by company are certified by APEDA.
By offering the finest quality products, Growtech operates with a sole mission of improving the Indian soil health and crop quality. As a result, we are able to rightly contribute towards helping the farmer community get the best possible results out of their agricultural produce.
We have been in the industry for quite a long time now and therefore are rightly aware of the hardships farmers go through when it comes to maintaining the crop quality. Therefore, our team constantly works towards developing more effective crop-health products meant to offer relief to the farmer community.


Dr. Microbes is a symbol which is used on product for showing advance technology of microbes. This is developed by Growtech Agri Science and Research Pvt. Ltd. after a lot of R&D of 7 years. This technology is based by using wide range of different microbes to produce the consistent product. This technology is Eco friendly and 100% organic. This is safe for humans, animals and environment, thus creating a positive impact in nature and productivity of soil and crop.

This technology was developed by keeping in mind to enhance the plant and soil health by –

  • Detaching the nutrient bond to soil particle and crop residue. Thus providing the required nutrient to plant.
  • It enhances the crop nutritional environment by improving soil structure, soil texture, soil aeration, soil porosity and increasing water holding capacity of soil.
  • It protects the plant from stress condition like low temp/high temp etc by strengthening the plant and their root system.
  • Protects the plant from different plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Protects the plant from wide variety of insects and pest.
  • Our Divisions

    Our company has following Department

    Reasearch And Development
    Production and Warehousing

    Achievements and Awards


    To contribute to the nature and the society by offering an extensive range of organic products meant to improve the soil health, crop health and enhance the overall crop production, thereby helping the farmer community to prosper.


    To be the leading research & development company with the largest manufacturing unit in India, and having a team of more than 1000 employees collectively assisting in generating a turnover of Rs. 1000 crores by 2021.


    To bring about a revolution in the field of organic fertilizers, microbial control and waste management and helping farmers to prosper by offering top quality organic crop solutions.


    Growtech has a specialized team that keeps a check on the quality parameters and certifies and internal job card. The remaining ‘quality check’ results are printed on the label, which can be checked and verified by an external body.

    Checking parameters are

    Colour Viscosity Solubility Smell pH Acidity (%) Labeling Specific Gravity Leakage

    Management Team

    Sanjay Patidar
    Hemraj Kose

    About The Team

    Growtech has a highly experienced research and development team on board lead by Mr. Sanjay Patidar, who is a qualified professional in the field. A team of technicians takes care of the technical operations within the organization, thereby ensuring smooth functioning of the system. The marketing operations within the company are carried out by the marketing team headed by Mr. Hemraj Kose, best known for his effective policy-building skill. The combined effort of all the departments within the organization has resulted in the formation of an extensive dealer network. Effective planning and efficient teamwork are the prime factors that rightly define the team at Growtech.

    Our team consists of the following professionals

    Plant Pathologists
    Soil chemists
    Production Managers
    Quality control experts
    Marketing executives
    Administrative staff


    Growtech has a state-of-the-art facility that forms the most crucial part of the company. All business operations are efficiently carried out within this facility. It consists of a manufacturing unit equipped with the latest machinery that facilitates a smooth production process. All the necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of the employees working in the facility premise. Moreover, regular machinery inspections are carried out with an intention to leave no room whatsoever for operational disruptions. Our research and development team periodically introduce brand new manufacturing processes that further enhance the production process. The team ensures that the production executives are rightly trained to under the new processes being introduced.

    For efficient functioning of the businesses operations, the unit is divided into the following cells:

    Administrative cell
    General cell
    Inoculation Cell
    Sterilization Cell
    Incubation Cell
    Production Cell
    Quality Control Cell
    Packaging Cell
    Storing Cell
    Delivery cell

    Warehousing and Packaging

    Growtech houses a highly spacious warehousing unit that facilitates organized and secured storage of all the products. The availability of racks makes it easy to store the products separately based on their categories. We maintain the highest level of hygiene, ensuring there is no room left for dust or moisture that can most likely affect the quality of the stored products. Taking care of all the packaging processes is a highly experienced team that ensures each product is packed strictly using quality-approved packaging material. Further adding up to the perfection is advanced packaging machinery that leaves no room for errors.

    A specialized team of store-keepers is responsible for the overall maintenance activity within the warehouse. The record of all the incomings and outgoings is maintained by the store-keepers. The efficient connectivity of our Warehousing unit to transportation networks makes timely delivery of products possible. No delay is encountered during the delivery process. Thanks to our well-organized logistics system.

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