Grow Fix is a modulating type of bacterium associating symbiotically with the root of the legume plants.It fixes nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes. It produces nodules and multiplies in it. These nodules act as a factory for ammonia production. The legumes and their symbiotic association with the rhizobium result in the formation of root nodules that fix atmospheric nitrogen.


• Increases root nodulation.
• Increases yield up to 25-30%.
• Increases the percentage of germination.
• Provides resistance against drought.
• Fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the range of 40-250kg N/ha/year the soil.
• Helps in accumulation of micronutrients like P, K, Ca, Mg and Fe, etc.
• Makes endophytic association with non-leguminous plants such as rice, wheat,   
  maize,barley, millets and other cereal and increases crop yield.

Method of Application/Dose

Seed treatment 
Take 3-5 ml/gm of Grow Fix and mix it with 1kg of seeds. Mix it well and dry it under a shade for half an hour before sowing. 

Soil Application 
Mix 1-1.5 L/kg of Grow Fix to 75-100kg of well-decomposed farmyard manure. Once properly mixed, broadcast it over one acre of land before last ploughing or first irrigation.

500 ml / 1 Litre in liquid form.
500 gm / 1 kg in powder form.

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